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Nancy is my neighbor and a blessing to our community. She stopped by the Chalk and Chances tent at our local Farmers Market to tell me about Mrs. Brandt, her fifth grade teacher, who was a model of compassion and caring.

I loved being in Mrs. Brandt’s class. She always made learning fun. When she announced that we were going on a field trip to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, I could hardly contain my excitement. I waited in anticipation for the day to arrive. To my great disappointment, I woke up with a fever on the morning of the trip. I was heartbroken about missing it.

When I got better, Mrs. Brandt offered to take me to the museum on a day off from school. She even invited my sister to come along. She guided us through the museum, taking the time to explain each display. When we were finished, she took us to a hot dog stand and bought us lunch. It was one of the nicest things a teacher ever did for me. She went out of her way to create a special day for me. It left a lasting impression, and I still have wonderful, vivid memories of our time at the museum.

Nancy’s story made me reflect on teachers as models. In our neighborhood, I often see Nancy feeding the homeless, mentoring college students or hosting events. I imagine that models (like Mrs. Brandt) shaped her commitment to service. How did a teacher model care and compassion for you? Please share in the comments below.

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