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I’ve known Rhea for a few years, and it has been my privilege to watch her grow as a teacher. I was excited when she shared a story about a teacher who made a difference in her life. Rhea told me about a music teacher, Mrs. Chris, who rescued a restless kindergartner.

I was a very outgoing and chatty kindergartner. As the oldest kid in my class (who was already a reader), I was also a bit bored. My Mom hadn't made me take a nap since I was three; so the idea of daily nap time was pretty foreign to me. I talked during nap time - a lot! My teacher tried separating me from the other students. She even tried making me sleep on top of a table. Still, I disrupted the other kids. It was a frustrating situation for both of us.

Mrs. Chris heard about the issue and stepped in with a creative solution. During nap time each day, she pulled me from class and let me be the first ever kindergartner in the 5th and 6th grade glee club. She tapped into my love of performing. She appreciated my outgoing personality and helped me see it as an asset instead of a problem at school. Music was an important part of my education throughout my time as a student, and I still use music as the ultimate stress-reliever. 

Rhea’s story made me reflect on the power of collaboration. When teachers share responsibility for all students, everyone benefits. Mrs. Chris would be proud of the flexible and collaborative teacher Rhea has become. When did a teacher think outside the box to meet your needs? Share in the comments below.

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