Be the teacher every student remembers.


chalk & chances

Chalk & Chances began as a research project driven by a powerful question: What difference do teachers really make in the lives of their students? After hundreds of interviews with people from ages 18 to 80, that research project grew into this online community. Everyone has a story, and shared stories help us reflect and connect.

 Julie Hassen, eD.D

meet julie

julie schmidt hasson, ed.d.

teacher, researcher, story collector

I am and always have been a teacher. After playing school as a kid, I spent fifteen years as an early childhood and elementary school teacher. Over the next ten years as an assistant principal and principal, I saw myself as a teacher of teachers. I loved to see the educators in my building stretch and grow.

Now that I am a professor in the School of Education at Florida Southern College, my focus is on teaching my graduate students to go out and answer their own powerful questions through qualitative research methods.

I have the amazing opportunity to teach all around the world through my writing and speaking. I credit the teachers in my life with giving me a strong foundation, and I hope my work honors them.


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Dr. Julie Hasson is an author, speaker and trainer who has helped countless educators increase their impact through her keynotes, seminars, and workshops. Julie brings a fresh perspective by integrating her own research, her practical experience and the stories she has collected.

Julie's most requested topics include:

  • Be the teacher every student remembers
  • Be the leader every student remembers
  • Ten little ways to make a big impact on students

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