It all started when…

I set out to answer a big question,

What difference do teachers really make in the lives of their students?

Since then, I have talked to hundreds of people about teachers who made an impact on their lives. As a qualitative researcher, I love to wrestle with big questions. This one started as a research project, but it turned into a mission.

I call myself a teacher, researcher and story collector. After playing school as a kid, I spent fifteen years as an early childhood and elementary school teacher. Over the next ten years as an assistant principal and principal, I loved seeing the educators in my school stretch and grow. During my time as a school administrator, I earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida.

Now I am a professor, teaching graduate students and also teaching people around the country to make a bigger impact on those they serve. I am a TEDx speaker and the author of Unmapped Potential: An Educator’s Guide to Lasting Change. I am forever grateful to my teachers, and I hope my work honors them.

Wishing you and endless supply of chalk and chances-

Dr. Julie Schmidt Hasson